Thursday, March 29, 2012

Home Management Binder

I've been on a serious organization kick lately. I would like to thank Pinterest for that. I've seen a lot of things that I knew I could make for myself. I originally made printable PDF pages for my wedding binder. I had so many paper notes and lists I wanted to just make a set of printable things I could utilize during my crazy wedding process. Anyway, I saw some really cool home management binders that make planning schedules and keeping information together really easy.

I typically have to make an effort to keep myself organized and on track with my agenda that I keep with me for school, work, and anything else I pencil in. I wanted to make a binder that could include Nick's appointments and work schedule in as well as some of our important information to have handy. And since I'm not a huge cook and Nick literally eats only three different things I included my recipes with the rest of the binder.

* If anyone is interested in these PDFs let me know in the comments *

The Tabs I used are:

Party Planning

User names & passwords {download this pdf}
Important dates {download this pdf}

{ I made full sheets for individual days in the Calendar section so I could reuse them by just putting sticky notes for things to do}

PDFs not shown above:
- Monthly checklist {download this pdf}
- Monthly budget {download this pdf}
- Year at a glance {download this pdf}
- Adresses {download this pdf}


  1. how can i get a pdf copy of these?

  2. id love a copy ofthe pages if possible please x

  3. Great binder. I love the post-it notes idea!