Monday, November 15, 2010

The Force Unleashed II: Impressions

Where to even begin? I feel like I've been a lot less excited over video games as of late. It may be because everything that has come out in the last few months or year even have been a slew of sequels or franchise games. Alas, I miss being excited for something truly spectacular.

First, let me start off by saying I rented this game. I knew I would. After I looked at a few review scores and heard from a couple of friends that it felt much shorter than the first, I was decided. The first was not even long enough for me, but I loved it nonetheless. Either way I just didn't feel the excitement for this sequel although I was at first. Perhaps it was due to advertising. The Force Unleashed was something that had anticipation. It took a few years to build up to and all the previews for it were just epic! Maybe then, the next to come was plagued from the very beginning. We've already seen this and we knew it wouldn't really bring anything we hadn't already seen. I mean it is a sequel after all. Although, I will note you can now slice through Stormtroopers unlike the previous baseball bat-like result of the previous game.

That could very well be why this is an impression and most definitely not a review of the game, because I could honestly not give you anything substantial to say. Also, I find it a little sad that the fact that you can slice with a lightsaber, as you properly should, is the biggest thing I took away from the game. Yes, when immediately thinking of the game this is what comes to mind. That and the bitter memory of my broken controller.

Ah, my controller. This leads me into the only other really important thing that I took away from TFUII. The gameplay... In it's predecessor the gameplay was fun and challenging. The missions and boss fights were tough at times, depending on your mode, but they were legit. Unfortunately for TFUII, the entire game was tedious. I mean pain in my ass kind of gameplay. No, I know what you're thinking and this was nothing like when Starkiller brings down the Imperial Star Destroyer in the previous game. What started out fun soon turned into repetitive, endless button mashing. Thus resulting in the death of my controller because I lost my mind out of rage.

I ended up trashing my controller at the very end of the game. I found myself seething with anger and just turned the Xbox off. I never did finish the game and it was returned to Blockbuster.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Trip to Ulta and O.P.I Burlesque Collection

I traveled to Ulta the other day because I had to return a foundation I absolutely hated. I might post a blog specially on that? Not sure yet. Anyway, I can't go into that damn store without spending more than 40 bucks. This differs from Sephora because it only has expensive things. Ulta not only has some high end cosmetic brands but drugstore brands, salon hair products, and nail products. So I tend to get a lot of little things.

After returning the foundation I was particularly set on getting a few more OPI colors and was glad to see the new Burlesque collection. They colors are very sparkly and perfect for fall. One in particular stood out to me because it reminded me of Mad as a Hatter. Burlesque's Sparkle-icous was a must have since I never did get my hand on Mad as a Hatter. I also picked up Barefoot in Barcelona because it's a shade I always pick up and admire. However, the poor thing has been lost somewhere between Nick's car and my room.  **Sad face**

I also ended up getting a NYX lipstick in Tea Rose and lipgloss in Sweet Heart, and a the Stila Eye for Color palette because I really wanted to experiment with some greens and blues. The palette was also inexpensive costing just 18 bucks so it won't be such a major loss if I don't wear the shades much.

Overall, I'd say it was a pretty good visit and I'm pretty excited about how pretty Sparkle-icous came out on my nails!


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Counting down the days!

So there is only one week until it's release... If you're going to the midnight showing, like myself, then you have slightly less of a wait. I have watched all of the movies at least twice this week. Yeah, I'm kind of excited. If reading allowed for multitasking then I would be re-reading The Deathly Hallows before next Thursday night. Alas, between work and school work, I've got a full plate.

According to a fellow BBYM employee, who also works at the local theater, they're expecting it to surpass any of the recent Twilight showings. I'm glad in a way because Harry Potter is FAR SUPERIOR to that filth (please don't email me with your hate because I'll just delete it). I could probably go on quite a bit about this subject but I won't torture you all. I really am quite excited to see the turn out. It's always fun to see a variety of people and this can sometimes result in a few laughs. I would love to wear a Gryffindor scarf or something similar but I'm rather lazy and I would rather not look like one of those fans. Yeah, those. You know exactly what I'm talking about. Anyway, I'm glad to be going with a new friend of mine who is quite awesome. Her response to the whole situation was, "I will punch a tween if necessary". Yeah, I really am excited for these events to unfold.

Also, I've decided I desperately need this shirt. This girl has some awesome stuff on her Etsy shop. Check it, yo!