Monday, November 15, 2010

The Force Unleashed II: Impressions

Where to even begin? I feel like I've been a lot less excited over video games as of late. It may be because everything that has come out in the last few months or year even have been a slew of sequels or franchise games. Alas, I miss being excited for something truly spectacular.

First, let me start off by saying I rented this game. I knew I would. After I looked at a few review scores and heard from a couple of friends that it felt much shorter than the first, I was decided. The first was not even long enough for me, but I loved it nonetheless. Either way I just didn't feel the excitement for this sequel although I was at first. Perhaps it was due to advertising. The Force Unleashed was something that had anticipation. It took a few years to build up to and all the previews for it were just epic! Maybe then, the next to come was plagued from the very beginning. We've already seen this and we knew it wouldn't really bring anything we hadn't already seen. I mean it is a sequel after all. Although, I will note you can now slice through Stormtroopers unlike the previous baseball bat-like result of the previous game.

That could very well be why this is an impression and most definitely not a review of the game, because I could honestly not give you anything substantial to say. Also, I find it a little sad that the fact that you can slice with a lightsaber, as you properly should, is the biggest thing I took away from the game. Yes, when immediately thinking of the game this is what comes to mind. That and the bitter memory of my broken controller.

Ah, my controller. This leads me into the only other really important thing that I took away from TFUII. The gameplay... In it's predecessor the gameplay was fun and challenging. The missions and boss fights were tough at times, depending on your mode, but they were legit. Unfortunately for TFUII, the entire game was tedious. I mean pain in my ass kind of gameplay. No, I know what you're thinking and this was nothing like when Starkiller brings down the Imperial Star Destroyer in the previous game. What started out fun soon turned into repetitive, endless button mashing. Thus resulting in the death of my controller because I lost my mind out of rage.

I ended up trashing my controller at the very end of the game. I found myself seething with anger and just turned the Xbox off. I never did finish the game and it was returned to Blockbuster.

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